Make your Master Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Retreat

Have you ever stayed in a chic hotel, luxurious country resort, or boutique inn that has left you wondering, why is it that I don’t feel this relaxed and pampered at home? The master bedroom is where we start and end each day, arguably it is the most important space in our homes. We believe that everyone should be mindful of creating home environments that promote well-being, relaxation, and motivation in our daily lives. The bedding, lighting, storage, and visual impression of this space, when done well, can promote positive energy, tranquility, and encourage a feeling of restoration and preparedness each day. Below Harrop & Company has outlined simple features to incorporate into one’s master bedroom to create a truly luxurious and restorative retreat.

1. Drapery / Window Treatments - nearly every luxury hotel you have visited has layers of drapery and window treatments for ultimate control and warmth. Window treatments function to provide privacy, whether necessary due to neighbor or public proximity, or simply for peace of mind. Layers of window treatments allow for soft filtered natural light and blackout coverage for late mornings sleeping in.

Simple, sophisticated, drapery panels mounted at ceiling height or above trim create a sense of height and intimacy in a room. Soft folds in a neutral or solid fabric contribute to a feeling of comfort and warmth.

2. Lighting - The bedroom needs multiple layers of lighting and lighting controls to establish the mood. Overhead lighting, be it a pendant, chandelier, flush mount, or classic recessed, should be on separate controls to be turned on for getting ready and in the morning time. Task lighting by the bedside is essential. Be it table lamps or (properly positioned) wall sconces, which are really making a comeback. It’s important to be mindful of the cohesion of the finish selections in these more visual areas like the bedside.

When the budget allows, we highly recommend smart home programming for lighting systems. There are several different levels, from simple programs with iPhone apps that allow you to set up scenes, dim, and turn lights on and off from your phone - with more advanced systems allowing for the programming of light tone temperature to mimic the natural light throughout the day for optimal environmental wellness.

3. Bedding - Bedding is the best place to start when redoing your master bedroom - this is the number one area to prioritize making an investment in. We don’t just mean go for a high thread count (somewhat of a quality measure inaccuracy), we help educate our clients about the different types and qualities of bed linens to create the preferred sensation on the body.

The pillow set up and layers of bedding are just as personal as sheet preference. For instance, duvet only without a top sheet has traditionally been a European preference that we are noticing growing requests for, especially from millennials. Often times we assist our clients in selecting a combination of duvets and coverlets for comfort, style, and body heat control. For a luxurious and well styled bed we recommend 2-3 euro shams dependent on bed size, these large square pillows also function to provide the perfect support for sitting upright in bed. The more layers of bedding, the more luxurious the visual impact.

4. Water - Your physician, nutritionist, and that magazine you just read have all told you to drink more water daily. Drinking enough water is high on the priority list for self-care and therefore essential to have within reach in your bedroom. To make your master bedroom at home feel more like a spa or luxury resort we recommend selecting a carafe and water glass set with clean simple lines.

5. Storage - Clutter causes distraction, a feeling of obligation, and overall anxiety. To truly unwind we need spaces that are simple and well organized. There are many storage solutions for putting away our belongings when they aren’t in use. Not only does proper storage contribute to a sense of ease, it also aids us in getting ready for our day when our items are organized and easily accessible. For spaces without adequate closet space we recommend well styled capsule wardrobe units that can be transitioned between seasons.

6. Clean Color Palette - Simplicity goes a long way in creating a tranquil environment. We recommend choosing a mostly tonal color palette in the bedroom. Be it relaxing light neutrals or poppy blue, it’s important to not over saturate or complicate the decor in this area of the home. Our team frequently uses a tonal palette with various patterned fabric to create an interesting yet calming space. When working with dark elements such as an iron bed frame, or curated antiques, white can be a unifying and calming element. One can achieve a collected yet cohesive look by using white bed linens and window treatments in the bedroom.

7. Bedside Attractions - The average bedside table is 20-36” in width, with only a lamp your tables will appear empty and out of proportion. Be it a book stack, vase, figurine, artwork, or candles, selecting the correctly proportioned combination of bedside accessories is one of the most impactful visual interests for the master bedroom. In spaces where very slim tables are necessary, go for selections with open shelving to allow for styling of items in a vertical arrangement.

8. Scent - Scent is just as impactful for setting moods in the bedroom as layers of lighting are. We recommend incorporating an essential oils diffuser for invigorating relaxation scents - some of our favorite are eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender. Use the diffuser in the morning while getting ready for a breath of freshness, or to create a spa like atmosphere to relax and unwind after a long shower.

Also be sure to incorporate candles to be used in the evening or around holidays for setting a different mood. Scent is an extremely personal experience and you should spend some time exploring different tones to figure out what scent fosters your sense of luxury. Our favorite bedroom candle of the moment is Roses by Diptyque.

9. Sound - Music is the final element for setting the mood in your master bedroom. We recommend purchasing a speaker or sound system that can integrate with apps on your smartphone such as Spotify to easily control the music in your bedroom. Some of our favorite playlists on Spotify for relaxation are the Starbucks Coffee Table Jazz & Study Music and the Relaxing Massage playlist. During our morning routine we’re loving the Alabama Shakes radio and the Just Good Music playlists for a positive vibe. Just like scent - music preferences are highly personal and we recommend curating your own favorite unwind and get up and go playlists.

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